Holidailies Charity Project: First Book

First Book logoWe are in our final week of Holidailies 2007.

Earlier in the month, I posted an announcement about the Holidailies Charity Project. I explained how Jette and I saw this as an opportunity for the online writing community to come together and act in a small but coordinated way to do some good. I invited your response to and comments on the idea.

Many Holidailies participants offered support and excellent ideas. Jette posted a summary of the responses.

The Proposal

Based on the comments offered, Jette and I propose First Book as the designated recipient for the Holidailies Charity Project 2007.

We had two absolute requirements and two strong preferences that led to this choice. The first requirement was that the organization was either national in scope or worked with an issue that is of national concern. That would ensure that the choice was relevant to the majority of Holidailies participants. We understand that there are Holidailies participants throughout the world, and some may feel left out. We hope you'll understand our motivation to do this.

The second absolute requirement was that the organization used its proceeds in an efficient and effective manner. Many people wrote about their concerns regarding vetting charities, and we shared those concerns.

We used a couple of resources to research charities. One was the Charity Navigator web site. We also consulted with somebody who had professional experience vetting charities.

Those were the bottom-line requirements. Now, that brings us to the preferences.

The first preference was that we wanted to choose an organization that deals with literacy or related issues. Reading and writing is the common interest that brings us all to Holidailies. We wanted to choose an organization that shares that interest.

The final preference was that we wanted to honor the input from the Holidailies community and give a good, close look to the suggestions offered by the Holidailies participants.

We chose First Book because it satisfies every one of these items.

First Book is a well-regarded, national organization. Its mission is to encourage children to read. It is rated extraordinarily highly by Charity Navigator. They grade it a perfect four stars. Even more amazing, 97.7% of the money raised goes into the program, which is extraordinary low overhead.

Thanks to Erin for bringing this organization to our attention.

The Plan

We are designating Friday, December 28 as the Holidailies Charity Project Day of Giving. If you would like to participate, there are two things we ask you to do on that date.

First, if you can afford to do so, donate to First Book. You can donate online at this link: http://www.firstbook.org/donate

We recommend $12 as the Holidailies donation amount, but feel free to donate at whatever level your finances and comfort level allow.

Then, on the same date, we urge participants to write about this effort on their web site, and invite their online readers to donate too.

If you are coming in late or slept through the big day, no worries! Do whatever you can, whenever you can.

We want to emphasize that we don't want people to feel pressured, but we do want to encourage the community to act in a coordinated way so that we can have the greatest effect.

Jette and I thank you for your support and participation so far. We look forward to the final stretch of Holidailies 2007 and a great Day of Giving.


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Good Selection

I like the concept of providing new books to kids. You didn't happen to try to contact the Central Texas chapter did you? There is just an e-mail on the site.

Thank you!

Great choice! I'm very happy to be learning about FirstBook . . . looking forward to blogging about it this afternoon (a day late due to my work schedule).

Is there any way you'll be tracking the amount of Holidailies inspired donations?