Big Gig Austin -- The Public Campaign to Bring Google Fiber Network to Austin

I wrote previously that the City of Austin is working on a response to the Google "Fiber for Communities" request for information (RFI). I've met with City Council and city staff members, and everybody is enthused about the opportunity.

That's great -- but it's not enough.

If Austin is going to convince Google to build here, it's going to take a strong community response. In fact, there is a whole section of questions for the City to document the community response to the initiative.

The "Big Gig Austin" initiative has been created by a number of supporters, who want to work in support of the Google RFI. We've got about one month to document how incredibly badly Austin wants this network to be built here.

The official rollout of the project will be happening in the next few days. In the meantime, we've created a couple of resources.

24-Hour Twitter Campaign

If, in the next 24 hours, if we can get 200 people to follow @BigGigAustin, I'll ask the City to put us in a press release. I know there have been discussions about sending out a press release about the Google fiber project. If we can get that kind of following so quickly, I'll ask the City to cite us in their press release as an example of how Austin is rallying behind this project.

So let's make the news. Follow @BigGigAustin and tweet your friends to join.


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Chip. I don't know who you

Chip. I don't know who you are or what pull you have, but we have one thing that alot of the other cities don't have. We have the Governor right down the road from our homes. We need to not only get the city council and mayor to get involved with this, we need to get the big man in Texas involved as well. I believe with that we will have a much better chance. I am just a compsci student at UT, but if we could get UT involved as well, even better.

Austin has a huge government presence, university presence, technology presence, and there is not way we shouldn't be winning this.

Mitch - Yes getting the big

Mitch - Yes getting the big guns in Texas to support would be a good thing. Having individuals support this is just as important. There is a Facebook group "Big Gig Austin"!/group.php?gid=337158056344 where individuals are joining to show support to Google. Please let your friends - and their friends know about this and join. In past few days there have been about 200 new members. Getting the support of UT students could take this Viral and over the top of our goal of >10,000 members.