Angry Neighbor Email (UPDATED 2/5)

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Life is never easy

Chip, it's sometimes hard to understand the ignorance and vitriol that comes our way when we try to do good, but you can't let this horrible episode cloud your impeccable leadership of the neighborhood committee. Oftentimes on the internet people will complain and "hate" on those who care the most. Stand tall and keep fighting the good fight.

Life is Never Easy in North Shoal Creek

1. The complaint about the neighbohrood signs is unfounded. If you go look at Stillwood/Buell you will see that the last time you folks put signs you left several out indefinitely. There is one in the bushes at that property.. I also saw one laying the street at Steck/Shoal Creek blvd. And there was one at Mossrock/Millway that I finally removed because it had fallen down and 3 weeks after the event, was falling apart,.

2. The code enforcement complaints happen all the time. I myself have had someone call code enforcement on me while I was removing my old fence in preparation for the new one. It was a frivolous complaint and I blew it off.

WE have a lot of prankster in the neighborhood. Kind of like you. .. .and your wife. . . . when you use the yahoo group or website OR newsletter to make accusations about your neighbors. There are other "seekrit " yahoo groups such as the Hot Mamas Dessert Dish club. Have you ever gotten mad because of that?

My yahoo group has been around since 2008. I also put out a newsletter by email occasionally and I used to send it to you and your wife, but both of you turned it in as a spam report. So you cannot get it anymore, per the rules of my software company. If you want to be on my sooper sekrit neighborhood email list, I will put you on there, but your posts will be moderated. And you will find that I have not wasted other people's time with complaints about you on my email listserv.

I'm sorry you are paranoid and having to look over your shoulder thinking that people are trying to attack you. I think you have brought a lot of this on yourself as I have witnessed what you have done to people on the NSCNA board, especially in 2010 where you ended up losing the confidence of some very hard working neighbors. They no longer want to volunteer because it exposes them to your personality and bad treatment of those around you.

All one has to do is look at your twitter account to see what I am talking about. I make screen prints of all the offending ones and I have sent the city council members examples of what you have said re: me and my suggestions about the city's website. Kathie Tovo made a big mistake when she put you on the Technology Commission. You are not carrying yourself as you should in that position.

And I question allowing you access to the programmers and code of our city's website when you have your own ax to grind with various people throughout the city. I used to think it was just me. Then others started making the same observations about you, so I know it's not just me.

Mary Arnett

Keep up the thankless good work

People do not read carefully, and can be strangely idiotic in their interpretation of information.


"Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke."

This seems appropriate.