Angry Neighbor Email, Neighborhood Crank Edition

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enjoying the show

I have to say I've Google Ms. Arnett before, with similar lacking results as the city employee. Very clever.

I'm enjoying the show.

Hard, but necessary

It is a hard but necessary thing you do here, Chip. When I tangled with Mary Arnett a few years ago, I also tried to research her to make heads or tails of the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde treatment I was receiving. I now understand that her switches in tone between wild abuse and cloying charm were actually the classic abuser's way of disarming his/her victims. At the time, however, I was at a loss and reading something like this would have helped.

I do fear that you will spur her to lash out at anyone she dislikes with your posts, especially since they are so obviously factual. In the past, Mary Arnett has bragged of lodging official complaints against those unfortunate souls she targets, and I wouldn't be surprised if a flurry of harassment against all and sundry is her way of reacting to your posts. Nevertheless, what you've written (quoted, even!) is true, and her own words reveal her as she is. Most of her victims have jobs, children, and houses that we care about enough to stay out of her sights, but as she's already targeting you, perhaps you have nothing to lose and can tell the truth about what's going on. I only hope Mary Arnett doesn't manage to hound you out of the city.

History and backlash

I also fear a backlash from Mary Arnett because I know her history, her propensity for distorting facts and her maliciousness in lashing out. Sadly there is a reason so many of us are anonymous. We have been harassed and bullied for so long we know what to expect. I wish it were different but as Anonymous 9:28 wrote, a majority of us are "victims [who] have jobs, children, and houses that we care about enough to stay out of her sights".

I think Chip is doing our neighborhood a tremendous yet difficult service. I admire him for standing up and exposing the bullying with direct quotes and facts. I hope it will have a positive effect.