How many "fucks!" and "goddamits!" does it take to change a light bulb?

I don't find light bulb jokes as funny as I used to now that I have a home automation system.

Last week, a Zigbee light bulb (GE Link A19) fell off my Smart Things home automation network. I finally got the bulb to reset (you have to blink it off and on about a half dozen times), but was unable to pair it to the hub.
I speculated that I had to first delete the old device definition before I could re-pair the bulb to the hub.
Unfortunately, I couldn't just delete the definition. It was being used by five different automation rules. Those rules needed to be deleted before the device could be deleted. (And they'd need to be recreated after the bulb was back on the network.)
That's a lot of reconfiguring. To make things worse, this all needed to be done manually through a smart phone app. There was an immense amount of clicky-scrolly involved.
But eventually, it did work.
So, in summary, the steps involved were:
  • reset the light bulb using the "repeatedly blink off and on" method
  • delete the five automation rules that used the light bulb
  • delete the device definition for the light bulb
  • re-pair the light bulb to the automation hub
  • re-configure the light bulb
  • re-create the five automation rules
That was way too much work just to change a bloody light bulb.