"Buy Our Cheap Crap"

ugly ass web pageLink: OSU-Tulsa Bookstore.

I really can't complain about these lamers stealing the artwork from my website, because....uhhh....I stole it from somebody else. (And goodness knows where they stole it from.)

What frosts me is these thieves don't have the decency to host their stolen images on their own web server. Instead, they link to the copy on my server. This redirects my bandwidth and my server capacity to their users. It's like siphoning a cup of gasoline from your neighbor's car every morning before going to work.

This has been going on for months and months, and I finally got tired of it. So I performed a little Apache rewrite-fu, and now visitors from their web site are redirected to an alternate image.

How long do you think this will last? My hunch is low clue, long time.

April 6 update: They have updated their web page to stop pirating the graphic from my server.


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re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

It's early. I haven't had coffee. What artwork did they steal? A quick check on their obnoxious site (the music!) revealed nothing to me.

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

OMFG is that FUNNY!!! What was the original image?

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

Very Very Very funny, and should provide them (eventually) with a wonderful lesson learned!

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

Kathryn - it's the cap and gown graphic.

Brian - same thing, except without the inscription. I was going to post a link to the original document, but the browser is going to cache whichever version of the graphic you load first. Aw hell...here it is. Just be advised you may need to hit RELOAD if you are jumping between the documents.

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

It'll take them a long time to notice that. If you'd made it "Buy our cheap shit," though... the possibilities are endless!

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

You know.. They still haven't changed it. (03/31/2003).

I didn't look really hard on your site, but since that graphic was from a presentation/class you gave, I immediately thought it might have been one of your students.. Then -- I sacrificed a couple of leeches (you use rats if I recall), and found this:

CHeck out the first image, tada!! So I checked your robots.txt to see if googlebot is misbehaving, but it isn't. So some nephew webmaster somewhere, said "i need a cap and gown image", went to google images (where every top-notch webmaster goes), and snarfles your impressive clip art!

This still cracks me up.

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

Still there on April 1st.

When you get tired of it you can replace the "Buy our cheap crap" text with "Go Sooners". This of course will be a parting shot as it will be pointed out by someone rather quickly.

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

Like "Buy our cheap crap" wouldn't be pointed out? :)

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

i found this while searching for a cap and gown image to rip off. H-I-larious.

re: "Buy Our Cheap Crap"

LMAO Like the above ripper I too was looking for cap and gown to snag. My cap and gown off to you. Great fun I bet that was.