The City Does Wi-Fi


This week, the City of Austin deployed its first public access wireless Internet hotspot. The hotspot covers the John Henry Faulk main library, the Austin History center to its north, and the Wooldridge Square park to the north of that. This is part of the City's Public Library Week celebration.

Also, at this week's Telecommunications Commission meeting, City staff informed us that the current plan is to provide public Internet access--wired and wireless--in the new city hall now under construction.

This is all encouraging stuff.


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re: The City Does Wi-Fi

That's great! We can go to the library (when it's open), hook up to the net, and blog about the book (if it's not checked out).

Later we'll be able to go to City Council meetings and blog about how the city should spend the dollar in its budget.

Sorry -- just a bit of fiscal gallows humor. (Meanwhile at AISD, my daughter's school is conducting a penny drive so the librarian will be able to buy books next year. That's right -- her book-purchasing funds have been cut to zero.)

re: The City Does Wi-Fi

Next step is to define a zone of economic activity downtown and cover it with a wireless quilt!