Domain fight!

Back in 2001, I was the victim of an attempted reverse domain hijacking. A California company decided they coveted my unicom.com domain, and they sued me to get it. I fought back and won.

You can read about it here: save.unicom.com


Digital me, circa 1988

The is not a photo of a wookie. This is a digital photo of me, taken in 1988. 

Yeah, 1988. How many digital cameras had you seen in 1988? Right, probably none. It was taken as part of the FaceSaver Project, which catalogued attendees at several conferences of the Usenix Association. They had an awesome setup with a professional photographer, and we all went home with a laser printed sheet of stickers with our face on them. It was like we were living in the future.

facesaver-chip.gif7.61 KB

Bitcount algorithms

More than you could possibly ever want to know about the timing of bitcount algorithms.

C program source.

bct.c.txt13.77 KB

On the Internet nobody knows you are a dog

There was once a time we found this funny. Not just "New Yorker funny", but "funny funny."

dog-on-the-internet.gif29.35 KB

What's New on the Web (in 1994)

Back when the web was in its infancy, the NSCNA Mosaic team -- the people who invented the graphical web browser (and the predecessor to Mozilla) -- published a What's New page. On June 1, 1994, it carried the first public announcement that this server was in operation.

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