Leonard Adam (Chip) Rosenthal

Austin, TX



I am a senior software developer with significant experience in new product design and development. I am interested in open-source environments, including Linux, LAMP, and JVM. I have deep experience with Internet technologies at both the application and protocol levels, including web, web services, and email. I am proficient in C, C++, Java, Ruby, Perl, and PHP. My background includes positions as an individual contributor, team contributor, and team lead. I will consider both full-time and 1099 contract  opportunities. I have committed roots to the community in Austin, Texas.

Work Experience

CoreTrace Corp, Austin, TX

Contract Developer, July 2010 to present

Lead designer for the CoreTrace Reputation Service, a cloud-based web service that provides reputation intelligence to assess risk potential of files (known good, known malware, etc.) found on endpoint workstations and servers. RESTful service implemented via Java stack, utilizing Tomcat, Hibernate JPA, MySQL, and VMware vSphere virtualization. Data management and administrative back-end implemented via Ruby utilizing Apache HTTP, Sinatra, and Sequel.

Pervasive Software, Austin, TX

Contract Developer, October 2006 to June 2010

Staff member of the Pervasive Innovation Lab, chartered to incubate next-generation technologies and products for the Data Integration division. Personally responsible for design, research, and development for Internet-enabled products and services, reporting directly to CTO.

Designed and implemented Java library to connect real-time event engine (ESPER) to Hadoop/HBase storage through the Pervasive Data Rush parallel processing framework.

Designed and implemented website and services to allow self-service purchase and licensing of “single purpose, single seat” versions of the high-end enterprise data integration toolset. Implemented in PHP using Drupal CMS.

Performed numerous technology development projects and experiments, including prototypes of “data as a service” system (Java, Ruby, Groovy), dynamic web-based product configurator (PHP, Javascript), and Linux filesystem tuning for a petabyte multi-core benchmarking system.

Metadot, Austin, TX

Contract Developer, January 2006 to October 2006

Lead designer for a helpdesk “trouble ticket” management system, operated as a hosted web application, implemented in Ruby on Rails.

BroadQ, Austin, TX

Contract Developer, June 2005 to December 2005

Supported development of a streaming media application running on a game console. Set up GNU toolchain for cross-development under Linux for a MIPS target environment. Configured and profiled Linux kernels.

Veritas Software, Austin, TX

Contract Developer, June 2004 to May 2005

Designed and implemented standalone Linux environment for system recovery product, integrated into Veritas Net Backup, including media and network boot. Implemented localization utilities and routines. Additional development (portable C++ with embedded Sybase) for HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, and Windows platforms.

Previous Experience




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