This is Not Spam!

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 02:32:26 -0600
From: Chip Rosenthal <>
To: The Zorch Spam List
Message-ID: <>

This is not spam!  Under S.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S.
Congress and signed by President Frank Murkowski, this cannot be
considered spam so long as we put the phrase "this is not spam"
in the body of the message.

You are receiving this OPT-IN mailing by request!  We obtained your
name from your web site, Usenet posting, conviction record, IRS files,
or hidden in the text of the "Bible Codes."

This is a one time mailing!  We will never contact you
again.  To be removed from our one-time list, click here  In your email, please
do NOT point out the logical inconsistency of maintaining a remove list
for a one-time mailing.  If we were smart enough to understand that,
we wouldn't be spammers.

This is the letter you've been reading about in the news lately.  Due to
its popularity, "Star Trek: Voyager" recently devoted an ENTIRE SHOW to
the investigation of the program described below.

This is a legitimate money making opportunity.  We checked with U.S.
Postmaster General C. Everett Koop, and he confirmed this is completely

This really works!  Craig Shergold sent out 10,000 emails.  Within three
weeks time, he collected enough money to pay for a nose job and a box of
"French post cards."

Honesty pays.  Send $5 and three KFC "proof-of-purchase seals" to order
the report at the top of this list.  Cross it off, add yours to the
bottom, and then send out 2,000 copies of this message:

        1. "Professional Multilevel Marketing Secrets"
           Joe Smith
           P.O. Box 8713
           Tulsa, Oklahoma

        2. "Secrets of the Multilevel Marketing Professional"
           Sam Viscous
           P.O. Box 8713
           Tulsa, Oklahoma

        3. "Multilevel Marketing Secrets for Professionals"
           Elton Jones
           P.O. Box 8713
           Tulsa, Oklahoma

        4. "Bail Bondsmen I have Known"
           Klem Horsenass
           P.O. Box 8713
           Tulsa, Oklahoma


Chip Rosenthal <>        
Protect your mail server against spam.  
Junk email is theft.  There ought to be a law.

Chip Rosenthal

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