Add-On Technology for Blogs and Journals

Chip Rosenthal
18 October 2003
JournalCon 2003, Tech Talk

Simple Add-On Functions
  • Tools that expand the functionality of your blog or journal, like: counters, comments, notify lists, blogrolls.
  • Can be hosted through third-party services.
  • For more info, see the Accessories Resources at Blogroots: [local]

Simple Add-On Functions (continued)


Simple Add-On Functions (continued)


  • Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication, or RDF Site Summary.
  • Makes it easy to follow a large number of blogs.
  • RSS is an XML presentation of your blog or journal content.
  • Typically linked to an XML button.
  • Author: RSS automatically generated by most blog software.
  • Reader: Use an aggregator to subscribe to RSS feeds.

  • Designed to link discussion across blogs.
  • Open standard, supported by Movable Type.
  • Works like so:
    • Aaron blogs an article.
    • Beth blogs a response.
    • Beth transmits a trackback ping to Aaron's blog.
    • Aaron's blog displays a link to Beth.
  • Also being used for aggregation.

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