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Chip Rosenthal
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  • The basic hardware you need to playback music.
  • A sound card.
  • Speakers.

Equipment: Sound Card
  • Included with most computers.
  • Price range: from $20 to $200.
  • Example: Sound Blaster PCI 512
  • Basic Connections: line in, line out, microphone, game/MIDI.
  • 3D Sound - adds rear speakers, good for gaming.
  • Dolby Surround - for home theater.

Equipment: Speakers
  • Price range: from $20 to $2000.
  • Computer speakers are powered.
    • Built-in amplifier.
    • Requires wall power.
  • Or, just use headphones.
  • The speakers that came with your computer stink (probably).

Sources For Music
  • We'll discuss three sources for music:
    • Music CDs
    • Audio Files
    • Streaming Media
  • For each, we'll discuss:
    • The Media - how the music is packaged
    • Additional Hardware
    • Software Required
    • Where to Find Them Online

Music CDs
  • The Media: Music CDs can be played on a computer CD drive.
  • Additional Hardware:
    • Requires a CD reader, also called CD drive.
    • Included with most computers.
    • Costs under $50.
    • Example: 56x IDE CD-ROM Drive
    • Next step up: CD writer, DVD
  • Software Required: Windows Media Player (or similar)
  • Software Features: CD database lookup, visualization, ripping.

Music CDs (continued)

WAV Audio Files
  • The Media: "Digital data" stored in computer files.
  • Additional Hardware: None!
  • Software Required: Windows Media Player (or similar)
  • Where to Find Them Online: Not likely, files too big.

MP3 Audio Files
  • The Media:
    • Compressed "digital data" stored in computer files.
    • Compression means smaller files but loss of fidelity.
    • MP3 data rates: 128kb listenable, 192kb better.
  • Additional Hardware: None!
  • Software Required:

MP3 Audio Files (continued)

Streaming Media

Streaming Media (continued)

More Cool Music Stuff
  • Ripping CDs - pulling audio off CDs and creating digital audio files.
  • Burning CDs - making your own CDs from digital audio files
  • Download Audio Software:
  • Digital Music Players - download digital audio files from your computer

Your Rights (and Not Rights)
  • You should be able to listen to the music you buy when you want, where you want, and how you want.
  • You do not have the right to give away copies of the music you buy.
  • The entertainment industry is trying to take away your rights to the former, because they are afraid of the latter.

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