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MAX for Mayor
2002 Manor Road
Austin, TX 78722

Title: Make Max Mayor

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Drawing: caricature of Max playing guitar for campaign finance reform
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Max Nofziger for Mayor
April 29, 1997

Welcome to Max Nofiger's Home on the web.

Hello, First Timer

This web site is packed with news and information about Max -- with a little bit of fun sprinkled in. The files are organized into topic folders. The folder tabs along the left of the page list all the topics. Just click on a topic title to see what's inside. For more information, the table at the bottom briefly describes the topics.

Welcome Back

Another week, another campaign schedule. This week in Campaign Desk.

Got something on your mind? Email Max and let him know what issues are important to you, and what you think Austin's next mayor ought to do.

It's Showtime!

Election day is upon us. On Saturday night, the field will be thinned to two candidates. Unless a miracle occurs (it won't) and somebody gets 51% of the vote (they won't), the two top vote-getters from the May 3rd election will go on to the May 31 Run-Off Election.

This Saturday, isn't it time to stop picking the lesser of two evils?

You could give your vote to Ronney Reynolds and his big-money developer backers.

Or, you could vote for Kirk Watson, a guy with no elected experience and very little record. A guy who didn't even live in our city, until a year ago when he decided to buy the Mayor's chair. It seems the only thing he's got going for him is his $600,000 raised from special interest lobbyists and out-of-town lawyers.

This election, don't settle for a lesser evil. We've got a good guy running in this race. A guy with real experience and a real record. A guy who we know will fight to protect our city, our environment, and everything we hold precious about Austin.

This Saturday, let's all vote to Make Max Mayor!

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