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findit nearby

A mobile-enabled web application and RESTful web service to find nearby facilities of interest around Austin.
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The "Find It Nearby" application attempts to determine your current location, and then finds a number of features closest to you.

At this time, it looks for the following features:
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Moon Tower
  • Voting Place
The information for this service is published by the City of Austin. This is a demonstration of an
application developed by the general public, using city data.
You can view the application in operation at:


Protect email address against harvesting on a Wordpress site
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The wp-spamspan plugin implements strong automatic anti-spam protection for email addresses in content on a Wordpress site.

There are two parts to the wp-spamspan process. First, this plugin locates email addresses in the body of messages, and rewrites them into an obfuscated form for display.

So, if you have a post that contains the text:

This plugin will rewrite it so that it displays as:

chip [at] example [dot] com

The second part of the wp-spamspan process is the inclued javascript (I didn't write it), that locates the obfuscated email addresses and dynamically rewrites the document so that they appear as clickable mailto: links.

Thus, a crawler or bot would only see the obfuscated email address, and only a user at a web browser would see an actual, clickable email link.

The home page for the spamspan.js script is:

The installation is simple, and once installed, the anti-spam protection is automatic.


web-based dynamic DNS update utility
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The web-nsupdate package provides a simple, web-based facility for clients to send dynamic DNS updates. Clients are typically DHCP hosts, such as a Linux system acting as a gateway for residential broadband service. The client sends a simple web request (such as with the wget(1) or lynx(1) commands) to the web-nsupdate service to register their host request.


web-based "change my password" utility
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This package has moved to github. The packages linked on this page are historical. For current version, see:

The web-chpass utility allows users to change their account password through the web. This package was written with security as the foremost concern, flexibility next. It runs on systems that use PAM to manage user authorizations.

The web pages produced are completely customizable. The chpass.cgi utility contains no HTML. Instead, web pages are produced from an external template.

"Bad password" checking can be optionally enabled. The distributed web page template offers the user a choice, with these checks enabled by default.

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