web server

This package operates under a web server such as Apache.

findit nearby

A mobile-enabled web application and RESTful web service to find nearby facilities of interest around Austin.
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The "Find It Nearby" application attempts to determine your current location, and then finds a number of features closest to you.

At this time, it looks for the following features:
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Moon Tower
  • Voting Place
The information for this service is published by the City of Austin. This is a demonstration of an
application developed by the general public, using city data.
You can view the application in operation at: http://nearby.webatx.us/


web-based dynamic DNS update utility
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The web-nsupdate package provides a simple, web-based facility for clients to send dynamic DNS updates. Clients are typically DHCP hosts, such as a Linux system acting as a gateway for residential broadband service. The client sends a simple web request (such as with the wget(1) or lynx(1) commands) to the web-nsupdate service to register their host request.


interactive HTML laboratory
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The Interactive HTMLab is a tool for demonstrating and experimenting with HTML markup. It runs within a web browser, using JavaScript and CGI. HTML documents may be created or marked up on-the-fly, and the results immediately displayed or validated.

The Interactive HTMLab is implemented by the htmlab.cgi CGI script. This script requires perl version 5 and the LWP::UserAgent module.

Do not even consider retrieving this unless you are reasonably competent with perl. All you are getting is a bare script with no documentation. You will almost certainly need to tailor it to work in your environment. For instance, the do-validate.sh script (launched by the VALIDATE button) almost certainly won't run as-is in your environment.

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