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Protect email address against harvesting on a Wordpress site
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The wp-spamspan plugin implements strong automatic anti-spam protection for email addresses in content on a Wordpress site.

There are two parts to the wp-spamspan process. First, this plugin locates email addresses in the body of messages, and rewrites them into an obfuscated form for display.

So, if you have a post that contains the text:


This plugin will rewrite it so that it displays as:

chip [at] example [dot] com

The second part of the wp-spamspan process is the inclued javascript (I didn't write it), that locates the obfuscated email addresses and dynamically rewrites the document so that they appear as clickable mailto: links.

Thus, a crawler or bot would only see the obfuscated email address, and only a user at a web browser would see an actual, clickable email link.

The home page for the spamspan.js script is: http://www.spamspan.com/

The installation is simple, and once installed, the anti-spam protection is automatic.

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